Update – As of Aug 2022 Beyer Psychology Services will no longer be offering individual therapy for new clients. All other services will continue as usual.  We apologise for any inconvenience and wish you good luck in your search.

“I found my experience of therapy with Annie to be a highly rewarding process. This was mostly down to Annie, who was extremely understanding and friendly, making me feel completely at ease discussing difficult topics. One of the most beneficial aspects of Annie’s therapy for me, was that she always had longer term strategies in mind. So not only have I left her feeling positive about things now but also about the future, knowing that I am capable of taking care of my own mental health thanks to the greater understanding and strategies she’s given me. I would encourage anyone who is considering having therapy to use Beyer Psychology Services.” (2020)


“I went to see Dr Annie Beyer after over 10 years of quietly struggling on and off with my mental health, including stress, anxiety and intrusive thoughts/images. After family and personal events at the end of 2019 these difficulties became unmanageable and I sought therapeutic help. In addition to EMDR therapy for my fears, which has helped me immensely, I now understand myself so much better and have learned coping mechanisms to help me go about life in a healthy way. Annie was always welcoming, kind, understanding and professional. Annie always clearly explained why we were doing/exploring things. I never felt under pressure to undergo things I didn’t want to do. I feel supported through my entire therapy, but empowered to make the journey myself too. I am so overwhelmingly glad I went to see Annie, it has changed my life completely.” (2020)


“I used Beyer Psychology Services after experiencing low mood and worsening panic attacks for a number of years. After working with Annie over several months I had a significant improvement in my mental health and an almost complete reduction in panic attacks. I also feel I am now better equipped to deal with difficult situations when they arise. I found Annie’s friendly and relaxed approach very easy to work with and I would happily recommend her to others.” (2020)


“I’ve found my therapy with Annie to be immensely useful and positive. She’s very approachable, using evidence, therapies and questions in order to help me move forward. Annie is able to work with professionals who find accessing a safe space difficult and ensure confidentiality is maintained.” (2019)


“Working with Annie over the last 6 meetings has transformed my outlook on my life! The support and guidance given has been invaluable and will stay with me forever! Annie offered a safe space to open up and done this with patience and not by being pushy. My thoughts and preconceived ideas were challenged which I cannot thank you enough for!” (2019)